What I Got Myself for Christmas | Louis Vuitton

Hello there gang, it's Joel here aka Gallucks and welcome back to my YouTube channel, today, for what I got myself for Christmas.

Now, I know you're thinking the title of video might sound a bit arsy.

But actually, about two years ago I made a similar video because I got myself a pair of Gucci sneakersfor Christmas.

And I love to buy presents for people.

Literally, buying presentsfor people makes me so happy, like watching them open them.

It just puts a massive smile on my face to know that I've got something to someone.

Doesn't matter how expensive it is, doesn't matter where it's from or.



It's just the thought that counts.

It doesn't have to be a physical gift.

It can be, you know, spoken words, it can be a poem, simply a look.

But I've got to buy myself something super expensive.

Well no, I actually did, but a portion of it goes to charity as well, so.



It's what I got myself for Christmas but actually I've been sent a few things by brands already.

So, I'll run through those things first.

So, I've been watching episodes of Katya and Trixie, all morning.

And now I'm feeling in my sassy kind of mode – great for a Christmas video One of the first things I got, I got sent this Balenciaga t-shirt from MR PORTER, which is amazing! I always say I love Balenciaga.

It's one of my favorite brands.

And then MR PORTER very kindly sent me this speedhunters' t-shirt.

A funny story about speedhunter, it looks like a band t-shirt, like a vintage throwback t-shirt but actually, they just got like a loads of models together and took this picture and they are like.




So, it's like a fake kind of boy band but it's on everything now like hoodies, t-shirts, blah, blah, blah.

So, I was so thrilled for MR PORTER.

If you don't know, I actuallyused to work for MR PORTER, three years ago now, before I quit to do my blogand my YouTube stuff.

And now they sent me a little present.

So, I'm actually really, really happy about that.

So, thank you MR P.

I'll leave a link to anything that's still availablein the description box below, if you do wanna check it out.

Next up, I got a little gift from the guys over at LE LABO.

It's a new fragrance, Tonka 25.

If you do not know, or if you did not watch any of my videoswhen I was in LA, the start of year, I'm obsessed with Le Labo fragrances.

And I wear.



I wear Santal 33 all the time.

I just think it smells amazing.

I am like one of the people who can actually smell it and I am like, “are you wearing Le Labo?” And they are like, “yes!” And they've sent me the new fragrance, Tonka 25.

I haven't actually opened it just yet because it's kind of sealed.

It has like my name on it too, which is really cute.

So, Tonka 25.

I actually smelled this at an even I went to, a few weeks back in a London storebut yeah I love Le Labo.

Yeah, I feel like it's really important at Christmas timeto treat yourself.

Obviously, you don't have to spend a lot of money on yourself.

You don't even have to spend any money at all.

You can just like.



You know, take an evening for you, take a whole day for you, relax, do your favorite thing, watch your favorite programs, eat your favorite food.

Just remember to treat yourself because you are the only person that can really look after yourself.

So, you know, reward yourself for getting through this year, for being a human being, for existing because.



it's not easy, is it? So, I just feel like everyone should really take a second to, whilst.



also, you know, getting presents for the people and being amazing to everyone in your life, remember to think about yourself, just a little bit, not in like a selfish way but just you know, looking after yourself kind of way.

That's how I justify spending hundreds of pounds on myself.

Kidding! Next up, I got sent a little gift pack from Chained and Able, the other day .

So, Chained and Able, do really, really nice chains.

They sent me some sterling silver pieces, which I'm obsessed with.

Me and Scott are going to Bali, tomorrow.

So I am probably gonna take one of these with me and wear that quite a lot too.

So, we have Jesus and Jesus on the cross, Cherub, which is my absolute favorite and then this ship in a ring.

Sorry, I don't know, like the official names of them but I'll leave links to them in the description below as well and.



but they're really, really cute.

But yeah.



So, thank you Chained and Able for the pendants.

So the main thing I got for myself this Christmas, is actually a piece from Louis Vuitton.

I've been wearing it the whole video.

I don't know if you've noticed, but it's this silver locket necklace.

I saw this advertised on Instagram and as soon as I saw it, I kind of fell in love with it.

I did have a have stint of wearing necklaces quite a lot this year.

But I had to stop wearing them because the metal.



The metals that I was wearing, were not good with my skin.

So, they were leaving, either like green patches or I was getting kind of breakouts, where the necklaces had been.

That's why I like with the Chained and Able pieces that they sent me, they are only sterling silver because sterling silver is really the only jewelry that I can wear.

So, when I saw this silver locket on Instagram from Louis Vuitton, I also saw that it was in partnership with UNICEF as well and so basically, from every purchase, £200 gets donated to UNICEF to help children that are in vulnerable situations and in need, all around the world, which I think is awesome.

Think they have it in a bracelet form as well but I really like the locket and just thought I could wear it all the time.

It's kind of like a classic piece that you could just always wear with every single outfit, even if it's like tucked away.

And I've left the link to it in description below if you want to check all the bracelets or lockets as well.

I hope you're having a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones and friends.

And remember just to look after yourself.

Am I a hippie now? Have I turned into a hippie? I really don't understand.

I buy one charity locket and I'm like, “Guys, Mother Teresa is here.

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I've got lots and lots of funny videos coming in the new year.

I'm so, so excited.

Let me know what you got yourself for Christmas, in the comments below or if you received anything that's from anyone else.




Thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in my next video.

Bye guys.